About Buechner Hall

Buechner Hall has provided a positive housing experience to thousands of female residents throughout the years. It is governed by the trustees of The Lucy R. Buechner Corporation and is maintained by funds from the original bequest. This private non-profit corporation is able to provide low rates to the residents.

It was designed and built exclusively as a residence hall for women; both students and women in the work force.  Today most of our residents attend YSU. 

Buechner Hall is completely self-sufficient, providing furnished private and double occupancy rooms, a private dining room, laundry and kitchen facilities. 

The facility is surrounded by the campus and structures of Youngstown State University, a University with a student population of about 15,000.

Our Rooms

Each completely furnished resident room includes:

  • A Twin Bed
  • Night Stand
  • Tall Dresser
  • Computer Desk and Chair
  • Drapes
  • Spacious Closet
  • Weekly Housekeeping Services



This beautiful residence hall has a spacious memorial room, a study area and a sitting room located on the first floor. The dining area is on the lower level.

Buechner Hall strives for a quiet study environment and adherence to maximum security practices. Security guard service is in place from 9:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Residents ring the front doorbell to be admitted after the door is locked at 11:00 p.m.

Our amenities include:

- Professional security   - Internet capability, including access to YSU WiFi   - Free cable   - Superb housekeeping and maintenance services   - Air conditioning   - On location dining room with home-cooked meals   - Weekly housekeeping services for resident rooms   - Fully furnished double and single occupancy rooms   - Private grounds for socializing   - Resident kitchen facilities    - Laundry room facilities

Our History

Buechner Hall was built in 1941 near the campus of Youngstown College.  Extensive growth of what is now Youngstown State University has since surrounded Buechner Hall with the YSU campus.  The residence was built with funds from the will of Lucy R. Buechner in memory of her mother, Elvira Hiener Buechner. The building is still maintained with funds from the original bequest.